ordering a ketubah

personalization is meticulously accomplished by hand, not computer, in my calligraphic style.
texts are kosher with rabbi approval recommended.

when using an orthodox, conservative or reform text, it is strongly recommended that your officiating rabbi review the text and personalization, to avoid mistakes or omissions.

please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for completion.

clearly and legibly print your names. hebrew names can be transliterated. first names are usually written in hebrew. parents names can be written in english. some designs only accommodate the complete english name of the bride and groom. for assistance with personalization, fax (954.927.9669) or email your completed form. a draft copy will be sent for your rabbi's approval. following approval of the draft, it takes approximately one week to complete and ship.

fee(s) for personalization and rush orders:

personalization: $70
orders received within 2 weeks of the wedding: +$50
orders received within 1 week of the wedding: +$100

advanced payment is required for personalization orders. payments can be made by check or paypal. 

texts available (some texts may not be available on certain designs):

interfaith 2
secular humanist 1
canadian reform

en español


some texts can be applied to gender-neutral: interfaith, interfaith 2, and secular humanist 1.

custom text

custom text can be applied to any design, time permitting. because the custom text is hand written, there is a charge of $300 for 500 words or less; over 500 words is $.60 per word. please contact me prior to ordering a custom text. 

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