ketubah care

stephanie adler's original designs are reproduced on high-resolution inkjet printers. inks used for these printers are archival and color and fade resistant.* her work can be printed on a variety of mediums, such as canvas and watercolor paper. designs are printed on archival, acid-free watercolor paper.

unlike lithographs and serigraphs, typically printed as a limited edition, giclee prints give the artist flexibility with personalization and customization. thus, the prints are an open edition. stephanie adler's ketubah designs are reproduced as an unlimited edition.

signing: to sign the ketubah, an archival black permanent pen like the sakura pigma micron black 01 pen is preferred. a white gel pen is used for designs with white text and darker backgrounds.

display: if you wish to display your ketubah at your wedding, you can mount the ketubah, using a piece of thin foamboard, which you can buy at any art supply store, and cut to approximately the same size as the ketubah. tape the ketubah to it using masking tape loops in each corner in the back of the ketubah. instead of tape, you can use clear 3-inch photo corners.

use a piece of very thin clear plastic, such as acetate or vellum, from an art supply shop, to the same size as the foamboard, lay over the foamboard and using clear tape, tape along the top like a hinge. this will protect the ketubah from fingerprints at the reception and allow you to sign it by lifting the plastic. after signing, hold on for safekeeping.

framing: frame using archival matting/backing materials and uv-protective glass or plexi-glass.

*caring for prints: just like caring any work of art, it is recommended when framing and displaying digital prints, frame with archival, acid free matting/backing and uv-protective glass. prints should be displayed away from direct sunlight, halogen, and florescent lights. these prints must be kept in a cool, dry place and away from heat and moisture.

display in your home and enjoy your ketubah for many healthy and happy years to come.

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