ahava: the design

ahava thedesign

the arrangement of the hebrew letters signify a binding symbol of happiness. As the letters "alef" and "hey" can be seen visibly arranged to be read from right to left. The letters “bet” and “hey” are positioned from right to left, but the letter "bet" rotated 90° counterclockwise and the "hey" rotated 90° clockwise. The shapes of the letters are broken down and arranged into perfect squares and circles. The shapes are combined into an abstract design of the hebrew word AHAVA.

one aspect of the design alludes to the kabbalistic story of moses getting help from g-d when writing down the 10 commandments. moses could not recognize the letters spinning in the space around him. he was confused by the letters floating around, going in different directions, positioned frontward, upside-down and backwards. however, when completed, the letters of the 10 commandments were not placed on the tablets randomly, but for a specific reason.

ahava sketches

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