i am stephanie adler - a classically trained artist with a master of fine arts in visual communication from the george washington university in washington, dc. i worked as a graphic designer, including the whitehouse, until asked by my sister to design her ketubah.

this was the beginning of a fulfilling journey, sharing one of the happiest, most special times in a couple's life. modern designs combine with classic technique to create a unique work of art.

my designs are interpretations from the great masters of modern art. drawings and watercolors combine with mixed media and alternative printmaking, forming the modern ketubah. my inspiration is a variety of artists and movements throughout art history: masters of mixed media and painting like klimt, diebenkorn, johns, picasso, lichtenstein and carle, to traditional japanese and chinese watercolors and drawings, to nature.

creativity, versatility and flexibility define my style, distinguishing me from other artists.

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