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as a professional graphic design studio, stephanie adler of adlerdesigns has experience with corporate identity development, print and illustration and web design. because of the happiness and joy the ketubah celebrates, it has become my primary focus.

the ketubah is a 3000 year old prenuptial - an earthly contract between bride and groom. ancient ketubot, were written in aramaic, to explain basic material, conjugal and moral obligations of the groom to his bride. it acknowledged and protected the rights and property of the wife, from destitution, in cases of divorce or death. the contract was signed by two witnesses and conveyed to the bride during the wedding ceremony.

in modern times there has been a revival of the ketubah, combining art with various texts. as an artist my creations reflect original interpretations of art - a composition with a modern edge. traditional techniques in art and design are used to create a ketubah for our time.

in addition to ketubot, please view my collection of fine art - including designs for milestones, lifecycle/sacred events, special occasions and fine jewelry - the ahava collection - on adlerdesigns.com

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